Friday, October 30, 2009

Say it ain't so: Dover Swifty's is history

Dover's last "We Pump The Gas" filling station -- Swifty's on S. Wooster Ave. -- has been shuttered.
This will come as horrible news to those who have depended on the station's attendants over the years to do the dirty work, especially in the winter. Plus, you got a discount if you paid with cash.
The station also lagged behind others when it came time to hike the price, so it saved more than a few drivers a little cash.
It doesn't quite feel like a death in the family, but it does leave another hole in the retail landscape.


Anonymous said...

I think you are referring to The Swifty station. I know I'll miss it. I had to teach an 88 year old lady how to pump gas just the other day at Buehler's. She said her husband always took care of it and after he passed she relied on the Swifty fellas to do it. She was quick to learn and felt rather independent after our five minute lesson.
Seems unlikely a business can stay afloat when all they sell is fuel...hard to compete with the convenience store type gas station whose profits come from so much else.

Newshawkus said...

I'll miss the free air pump. It's the only around that I know of at the moment because it's the only one I usually used.

Newshawkus said...

Don Pancho's restaurant on W. High Avenue is also shuttered. I just noticed the other day. I don't know that it will be missed as much as the Swifty Station, though.

I still miss the one that was at the corner of Front Street and Wooster Avenue in Dover. Very convenient location.