Sunday, October 17, 2010

Excellent stories on Strickland, Kasich

The Columbus Dispatch on Sunday offered two excellent stories -- profiles on Gov. Ted Strickland and his opponent John Kasich.

You can access them here.

And an op-ed piece by Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown on the inequities of trade with China. The column appeared Sunday in the New York Times.

Recommended reading.

Let me know if the links eventually go dead.

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ProgressOhio said...

Dick: If you really want insights into Congressman kasich, go to the John Kasich Treated Me like Crap Facebook page and see who wrote on his wall.

There is an advocate for the homeless who Kasich had arrested, a young airline worker who Kasich had disciplined for doing her job and a former staffer at whom Kasich supposedly threw a cup of coffee in a fit of anger.

He must really misbehaved for so many to harbor so much ill will for so long. You can read it here:!/group.php?gid=105228146198051&v=wall