Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guns plus alcohol equals stupidity

OK, let me go on record that I don't have a problem with Ohio's 2007 law that allows its citizens to pack heat. To my knowledge, there have been few, if any, unfortunate incidents since the law was enacted by the Ohio Legislature.

But now the Republican-controlled state Senate, in its infinite wisdom, wants to allow permit holders to carry their guns into places that serve alcohol, including sporting events. (Joining the Republicans are our own Democratic Sens. Joe Schiavoni of Canfield and Jason Wilson of Columbiana.)

Dumb. Just plain dumb.

Proponents point out that if a permit holder carries a gun into an establishment, he/she won't be allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage and, therefore, all will be well.

Suffice it to say that cops and the owners of restaurants and taverns think the Senate bill is a really bad idea for obvious reasons, including the fact that alcohol makes people do crazy things.

Let's hope the Ohio House shows a little more common sense than the Senate and votes it down. I looked online to see if Rep. Al Landis, R-Dover, had taken a position on the bill, but didn't find anything. Perhaps one of our media outlets could put him on the record.

* * *
It will be a different summer at Atwood Lake, maybe a little eerie. The lodge, golf course and cabins are shuttered and there is no immediate savior for the property.

Apparently, a consultant brought in to review the property's prospects was unable to secure financing to get anything going and is no longer involved.

One thing is certain: Leaving the golf course to the whims of nature should take a big toll rather rapidly. At least the deer will be happy.

* * *
One of my last reporter hires as editor of The Times-Reporter was a kid by the name of Kyle Kondik, who had just graduated from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.

I lost Kondik after a year or so when he landed a job as editorial page editor of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. From there he moved to the Ohio attorney general's office as a policy wonk, only to lose that job when Republicans swept into office last November.

But Kondik landed on his feet and is now a staffer at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, which is pretty much a dream job for a political junkie like Kondik. Anyway, he has an interesting piece on the upcoming presidential election, noting that President Barack Obama could win re-election without taking Ohio and other Midwestern states.

I would add that the Republicans might help Obama's re-election bid by not reaching a consensus on an acceptable candidate. And at this point I don't see any acceptable candidates. Do you?

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Anonymous said...

Alcohol plus anything usually equals stupidity, but I keep trying to improve my skills.

Al says just 'vote my vote'.

I can not decide between Sarah and the Donald. Maybe Pres and VP? I would like to be a fly on the wall in that Air Force One.

Robert and Barb said...

I'm a gun guy and don't see any reason they need to pack in a place that serves alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Most of the time, your editorial views are right on, but I’m afraid in the case of HB45 / SB17, you’ve let your emotions get in the way of the facts. Forty-three states currently allow licensed non-drinking patrons to carry concealed handguns in establishments that serve alcohol. There just hasn’t been a tsunami of reports about restaurant shootouts and there’s no reason to believe that Ohio will be any different.

You lament the fact that Senators Joe Schiavoni and Jason Wilson voted in support of SB17. I commend them for having done their research; hopefully Representative Landis has done so as well and will vote accordingly. And please don’t forget: any establishment that wishes to prohibit licensed concealed carry will continue to be perfectly able to do. My wife and I will just consider it an encouragement to take our business elsewhere.