Saturday, November 28, 2009

A character in our midst now belongs to the ages

Former Dover Police Capt. Bob Everett, now an officer in Mesquite, Nev., penned a Facebook tribute to Dover Reserve Officer Jerry Plunk, who died a few days ago.

Jerry was a neighbor of mine in my old Stucky Dr. neighborhood and he and I shared quite a few laughs together over the years. Although his day job was with the phone company, his real love was the Dover Police Department. (After his family, of course -- his wife Paula, daughter Melissa and son Marcus).

Bob asked me if I'd publish his tribute in this space. I'm more than happy to oblige...

Jerry L. Plunk

By Bob Everett

Where do I start when writing about Jerry Plunk? Of course, Jerry was best known as a Dover Police Reserve Officer. Over the years as a Reserve, Jerry spent countless hours of time, donated (FREE) helping others. For those who aren’t aware, the Reserve officers are not paid by the city of Dover. They serve on a volunteer basis.
Jerry was always there to help full-time officers when they asked and the never-ending number of citizens who needed a police officer. Jerry may have been a Reserve officer, but when someone was in need and they saw Jerry pull up, they didn’t care what title he held.

To his credit, Jerry had the ability to spring into action as a police officer and took care of their needs. He may have held the title of Reserve officer, but Jerry demonstrated as much expertise, know-how, compassion, and professionalism as any regular officer when handling a call. There was no sub-standard service from Jerry Plunk. He took care of the situation as if it were his full-time job, an act not many people would do in life, especially with the situations police officers must face at times. Jerry gave it his all and loved every minute of it. There wasn’t a duty he was asked to perform that he didn’t or wouldn’t do.

As a captain, I called upon Jerry many times to work a dance, a ballgame, or some other function and his answer was always yes. Never mind the fact that he worked a full-time job at GTE/Verizon, he was still willing to be there to help us. Jerry exemplified the word “volunteer” in all aspects. He loved the uniform, the police cruiser, and job as a Reserve Officer for all the right reasons. Many times, people volunteer in life for self-centered selfish reasons, but not Jerry. He was there for all of us at the police department and the citizens of Dover that he truly loved.

There will be a void in the Dover Police Department without Reserve Officer Jerry L. Plunk. Unit No. 60 will no longer be heard on the radio, but his laugh, his smile, and his willingness to help everyone will NEVER be forgotten. I’m glad I had the opportunity to know Jerry not only as a Reserve officer, but as a friend. Thanks for all the memories, Jerry.

You’re going too be missed dearly by a lot of people.

Unit No. 60 is now silenced and out of service, but his reputation at Dover PD shall live forever.


Jerry Plunk was 64. Funeral services were held Nov. 24.

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