Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From 'Cats' to Heat this week

I'm probably sounding like a broken record...

We attended "Cats" at the new Performing Arts Center at Kent State-Tuscarawas and came away overwhelmed.

To see Broadway-quality theater minutes from home, with the car parked only steps away for free, well, this was a treat.

I am fascinated by the logistics involved with moving a show like "Cats" from venue to venue. Perhaps most theater-goers didn't notice that there were four tractor-trailer rigs parked behind the center. It takes that kind of firepower to haul the sets and equipment from city to city

If you're curious where the "Cats" troupe has been and where it's going, check out the show's 2010-2011 itinerary here.

And don't forget to get tickets to an upcoming show at the PAC. Go to something. Anything.

* * *

I feel the need to finally acknowledge the work of Robyn Martins, whom I coaxed into doing some writing for The Times-Reporter a few years ago and who now is as much a face to the newspaper as anyone.

Robyn also is an accomplished musician and is a member of the Tuscarawas Philharmonic. She recently offered some thoughts on the Philharmonic's performance last Saturday night at the new PAC. You can access her blog here and I encourage readers of this blog to bookmark "Just Sayin'."

One benefit is the multi-talented Robyn occasionally offers her recipes. You're probably not going to find recipes on this blog.

* * *
I'm looking forward to watching LeBron James' return to Cleveland on Thursday. I pray that Cavaliers fans won't do something really stupid, although I do hope that LeBron really feels the heat. So to speak.

* * *
Here are this week's must reads:

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Cleveland, don't turn LeBron into sympathetic victim, Gregg Doyel, CBSSports.com National Columnist

King James wants Spoelstra to bow to him, Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports

And one from the Sports Illustrated vault (courtesy of my son, Chris, who doesn't want anyone to forget):

Higher Education, Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated (March 2001)

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