Friday, December 3, 2010

Mid-week update (3)

OK, here's one last LeBron link and then I'm retiring from my role as his aggregator.

I'm done. Finished. No more caring about James, or his buddies in Miami or Cleveland.

Take away the fans and what you had at the Q last night was a lovefest, not a basketball game. I thought teams were supposed to go at each other, not kiss and hug and sing "Kumbaya."

The Cavs looked like they were coached by the laugh-out-loud Derek Anderson. What, me care?

No "I" in "team"? For goodness sakes, it's all about the "I."

And the players don't seem to get the fans.

But we get them.

You had us for a moment, Cavs. And now you don't.

On to more important things...

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